Просмотр полной версии : Поделись впечатлениями о WDW-2014

12.04.2016, 17:38
Привет! Ducati открыли специальную страничку для того, чтобы можно было поделиться фото и заметками о прошлом WDW-2014. Все фото участников будут размещенных на общей странице Дукати, а клуб может принять участие в эксклюзивных автограф-сессиях с пилотами Ducati.

оригинальный текст:

here we are, is time to share with us your WDW Memories!
Here below you can find the link of the Facebook group.
Joining the group is very easy: click on the link and ask to become part of it.
Only the persons subscribed to the group can share his/her own images and the moments who better represent the WDW essence. The contents are available to everyone.
As already mentioned, on the platform would be collected all your images, videos and texts, which better describe the moments and emotions experienced in the previous WDW editions.
Don’t forget to tell us how you are going to prepare to the next edition and use and spread always our hashtag #worldducatiweek e #ourwdw

и еще одно:
Since almost two years we are waiting for the biggest Ducati event, the World Ducati Week 2016.

Also this year we would like to involve you in order to organize the best WDW ever! In particular, we are planning two initiatives in which you will be the protagonist.


We kindly invite you to share with us your contents (such as images, videos and texts) regarding your best moments at the lasts WDW and showing how you are getting ready for the next edition, in order to explain clearly worldwide the uniqueness of the World Ducati Week.

For this purpose, on the 11th April 2016 we will open a dedicated page called “WDW Memories” on our social channels, where your contribution is really important.

On Facebook we will open a dedicated group related to this initiative, where you could take part and share your contents, using the hashtag #worldducatiweek and #ourwdw. We inform you that only the users registered in the group could share their images and special moments but everyone could see the contents.

Even on Twitter and Instagram you could us the hashtag #worldducatiweek and #ourwdw to share your contents. Obviously, to reach more visibility you could also tag the official accounts Ducati, using @ducatimotor.

Every Friday we will choose, among your posts, a content on one of the social channels in order to share, retweet and republish it on the official Ducati accounts.

This initiative will be closed on Friday 10th June 2016 with the selection of the DOC, who will have posted more contents then others. The choice will be based on qualitative and quantitative assessments. Moreover, we will reward even the most captivating content, coherent with Ducati and WDW values.

All the members of the selected DOC will have the possibility to take part to one of the exclusive autograph meetings with official Ducati drivers, during the WDW 2016.